Architecture Social Club

Lumiere / Aether 2.0



in collaboration with Max Cooper



Aether 2.0 is a light field installation developed with musician Max Cooper.  The design particularly lends itself to work in harmony with musical content generating moments of vivid sensory enrichment.

The objective of our collaboration was to see whether we could compliment the energy and narrative of the music spatially. We wanted to create something that could speak directly to the audience without words. How could we create enough of a sensory impact for the audience whilst making the installation tour-able as a musical instrument?

Aether had it's UK debut at Lumiere London  2018.  The installation was visited by half a million  people over four nights.




Designers & Engineering: Satyajit Das, David Gardener & Regan Appleton

Music: Max Cooper

Visual content Direction: Max Cooper, Satyajit Das & David Gardener

Lasers provided by: AC lasers

Transportation by: Bolliger International



Video Editor: Jennifer Tividad

Director: Satyajit Das

Cinematographer: Beatriz Delgado Mena



Installation Manufacturing Team:

David Gardener, Alfie Di Trolio, James  Jowler, Lewis Zanetti, Sara Doucette, Gergely Soltész, Rebecca Fox, Chris Kaye, Michael Douglas, Aysun Sapaz


Big thanks to the Lumiere London & Artichoke team